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Today is the day you take a step towards a happier baby, a happier commute, and a happier you. We are parents and we've been there, we know how your little ones get tired, and just plain miss seeing your face, even in the shortest of car rides. That's why we have developed this innovative tech, we want to ease that frustration for both you and baby. Check out our site and learn more about the new I See U mobile app, or Download Now

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What is ISeeU?

We spend many hours of our lives in vehicles driving, we average 300 hours a year. When you have children in the car with you that time can seem a lot longer. Why don’t you take advantage of that time interacting with your children face to face? NOW YOU CAN! I See U is a mobile application that enables you to see your child real time in your vehicle. This application replaces the old school process of setting up mirrors only to have them at the wrong angle making it impossible to communicate or see your children while you are driving. The application was created for monitoring infants in their rear facing car seat. We quickly realized I See U allows you to communicate effectively with anyone seated behind you and makes time in your vehicles productive and more enjoyable.


How does it work?

Click here Download Now or Simply search “I See U Baby Monitor” in the Apple app store and download the application.  Once you setup your account and pair your devices you are ready to go. Simple and Easy!! Take an old iPhone or iPad and set it up on the seat, aim the front facing camera at your child. Set your phone up on your dash or windshield and enjoy the ride.


Easy to follow setup tutorial for the I SEE U Baby Monitor mobile app. Watch the video after you have downloaded the app to your devices.

About I See U Baby Monitor


Built on the foundation of relatable experiences and commuting frustrations, we built this mobile application so that we could enjoy the time that we spend in the car interacting with our children. Car rides have now become engaging and invaluable experiences with them. Communication with them is so much easier now that we communicate with them face to face.  We can also capture pictures and videos of these precious moments and priceless interactions.

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