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Origin of I See U Baby Monitor

This is how it all began

    In 2010 I was a new father and was very apprehensive about traveling anywhere with our new baby. I can still remember the way that I felt as I drove my sweet wife and our newborn baby boy home from the hospital. PANICKED! I was on high alert, getting frustrated at cars as they sped past us on the freeway. “Don’t realize that I have a newborn in my car?” 

   I think that all new fathers and mothers experience this feeling. It is our duty to protect our children and to keep them safe. The first couple of months for our son (pictured above) were scary, I did not feel adequate to be responsible for another human being. I would get so tense whenever we would go anywhere in the car because our little guy became so unsettled while riding in his rear facing car seat. If my wife or I could not be in the backseat with him he would just cry. I don’t mean fussing a little bit, I mean he would just scream. We tried everything to calm him down. We bought mirrors, we bought little dangling animals. We even tried putting a picture of his mom back there with him. None of it worked. 

Greek philosopher Plato once stated; “Necessity is the mother of invention. A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem.” 

   I think my son was about 6 months old when the idea hit me. We were playing at home one afternoon with a tablet. I was filming him and then I would show him the video of us. I remember seeing how quickly his attention was captured just by seeing himself, or even me on the screen of that tablet. The thought then occurred to bring that tablet with us on the next drive. It must have been the next day when we were headed out somewhere and I took the tablet with us. I slid the tablet into the pocket on the back of my drivers seat and as we pulled out onto the road you could almost hear my little guy clearing his throat getting ready to let us have it. As he started to make us aware of his discomfort my wife was preparing to start trying to calm him with our usual arsenal of tricks. I told my wife that I had brought the tablet and suggested that she pull up a video that we had recorded the previous afternoon of me singing a song to my little guy. As she adjusted the volume and positioned the tablet so that he could see it, I was amazed and how quickly what had seemed like agonizing torture became silence. My son focused right in on my face and me singing to him. The irony is that I cannot sing, literally cannot carry a tune, but it was my familiar face. He was hyper focused on the screen, my wife even commented on how he seemed to not blink. It was at this moment that I realized we were onto something and may have found the solution to our problem. We did not discover anything that was new or innovative. I think people have been using their tablets with their little ones since the tablet was brought to market.


   The next problem was how do we share this unique idea with everyone we know. I initially thought of some different ideas, some were good, and some were bad. I knew there had to be a way to use something that everyone already has and provide a way to replace the old school mirrors with something newer and more technologically advanced. 

   After several years of testing and saving to have the capital to develop this idea, all the time worried that someone would bring it to market first, we are proud to announce that I See U Baby Monitor is live and available to everyone. Now you can ride in your vehicle keeping your eyes on the road and your baby at the same time. No more fussy children, and no more guessing what is happening behind you. You can capture every moment now! 

The I See U Baby Monitor is free to download and use. The free version allows the user to use it for 20 minutes per day. If you would like to take pictures or video of your little ones you may purchase a subscription. Once subscribed to the app you can take an unlimited amount of pictures and videos as well as stream for as long as you’d like.  

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